ShitTy gaMes

This is where I collect my shitty games. Side- and game jam projects that are taken to completion. As I am just me, and I have full time work, my games tend to be a wee bit shittier than those of the big studios with fancy budgets and publishers and stuff. But at least I get to make exactly what I want, so I embrace the shitness.


I like to make games and stuff. Been working in the indie game space for severals years in several different positions ranging from art to programming to project management. Self taught in making shitty visual art and music, but with a pretty long education in games programming.


Use this website as motivation for myself to finish my game projects and release them to an actual audience. Give back to the game dev community in form of resources that may be useful in any capacity - educational or otherwise. Hopefully make a little coin to boost my shitty game dev salary.

    Lord Satan